Welcome to our custom shop where you can customize the color, size and other aspects of your HoodSkulls®; add initials, patterns, colored stripes, 'eye plugs' on LED-Ready designs, request a different size or an entirely new creation. Read more about these options on our FAQ page. You will also find pre-release designs here, and can own the first pair! In addition to bragging rights, early adopters of new designs tend to be rewarded with prizes and social media features. That's how we roll. 🤘🏼 Keep in mind that we manufacture with materials that can be easily painted, so you can further customize your HoodSkulls®. The badassery continues after unboxing. 

Our team will render a design of the concept for your approval and create a listing of the items for you to order. Within typically 5-10 business days of your payment, a badass pair of custom HoodSkulls®️ is shipped to the sexy beast in your driveway. 😎

The cost of a custom order typically ranges between $74.99 and $179.99 (USD) depending on design time, size and extent of testing required. We have several badass options available in our store to select from which may be less expensive. Whatever you decide, your order will be covered by our Terms of Service and backed by 5 Star customer support. Coupon codes do not typically apply to custom orders. Free badass decal is included with your order.

AFTER you have contacted our team to coordinate all the details of your order; color, engraving, size, etc., we will create a listing for you to place your order. You will see the drop down menu with your listing on the next page, after clicking on the Custom Order Shop logo below. 👇