Custom Order HoodSkulls®


Welcome to our custom shop where you can customize the color, size and other aspects of your HoodSkulls®; add initials, patterns, colored stripes, 'eye plugs' on LED-Ready designs, request a different size or an entirely new creation. Read more about these options on our FAQ page.

Complete your custom order here only after reaching out to our team and coordinating all the details. The link to contact us is in the header or menu above (depending on browser).

You can view some of our creations on our Instagram account. Others will be posted by the badass customers who ordered them. 

Once we coordinate the price and concept, we create a listing on the custom shop for you to purchase. Visit the Custom Order Shop to see your listing when it is created. After payment is made, our design team renders a design and we send you an image for approval. Once approved, we send the design to the manufacturing team for scheduling and production. Within typically 14 days of your payment, we will test the design of the finished product and send a picture of the actual pair of custom HoodSkulls® as they get sealed in a box for shipment. Within typically 72 hours after, the sexy beast in your driveway has a pair of badass HoodSkulls® to sport on the trails. 😎

HoodSkulls® are designed to replace the hood bumps on a Jeep (but we can manufacture nearly anything). They can also be bolted on bumpers, light bars, CB antenna mounts and existing cowl bolts.

The cost of a custom order typically ranges between $94.99 and $204.99 (US) depending on design time, complexity and extent of testing required. We have several badass options available now in our store to select from which are less expensive. Coupon codes do not typically apply to custom orders. Please consider non-custom HoodSkulls® first. Free '4 Wheel Badass' decal with your purchase!

Customer posts (and our reposts) of our creations are on Facebook and Instagram. Enjoy! HoodSkulls® are badass and we love the enthusiasm they are receiving around the world. Thank you!

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Click on the "Customization" icon below. After you coordinate design and price with us, you will find a corresponding listing. Enjoy!