Jon's Mission for 22

Thank you for supporting Jon's Mission and for being a good badass! 10% of sales of Hero22, Limited Edition Jon's Mission will benefit the event and cause. This is a real opportunity for you to do something great for our veterans and extended Jeep family. Hero HoodSkulls® are our way of giving something back to the badasses who put their lives on the line to protect our families and freedoms. Select between 43mm and 58mm. Free ‘4 Wheel Badass’ decal with your purchase! Our Hero line designs are wire channeled for your pre-wired, 12v 5mm, LED bulbs. Let’s all respect the first responders and members of the armed forces who protect our families and freedoms! 🙌🏼  

WATCH this news segment for an interview of the parents who founded Jon's Mission. Additional educational resources: