HoodSkulls® VIP for All Badasses. Wheelchair and Cane Accessory.

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These VIP products are a labor of love and respect. HoodSkulls® in this product line have a different method of attachment, are sold individually and attach with our included, custom designed VIP Clip. They are designed to easily attach to walkers, canes, scooters and wheelchairs (using tubes 1 inch in circumference). 

Order as many as you want. Production time is typically one week if we don’t have your order in stock.

THE MODELS (no horns or other sharp protrusions):

    1. Model ‘blsk6-VIP’ (44mm) is the VIP version of the 'blsk2 (43mm)'. It features all of the badassery of our full size skull, but in a smaller package with mounting features that are compatible (only) with our VIP Clip.


  • Attach our VIP Clip to a 1 inch tube, then attach and turn the skull clockwise on the stainless steel bolt protruding from the VIP Clip. The stainless steel nut, embedded in the skull will hold tight. No tools required. 
  • HoodSkulls® VIP cannot be attached to the exterior of a motor vehicle.

SHIPPING AND HANDLING: Shipping is free on domestic orders, not international orders.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS, CUSTOMS AND IMPORT TAXES. Customers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. We are not responsible for delays due to customs, but the wait will be worth it. HoodSkulls® will plaster a devilish grin on the VIP in your life.

CONFUSED WHEN ORDERING? If you don't understand something, please ask. HoodSkulls® are hand made and take multiple hours to manufacture each. We especially want to help you avoid mistakes. 

ADDITIONAL SOURCES OF INFORMATION: Please visit the FAQ section for warranty, material, general information and a smile.

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