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LED Bulb Set:

Includes four pre-wired bulbs that are perfect for your LED-Ready HoodSkulls®. You will install one pre-wired bulb into each eye socket. Select from the following colors: White, Red, Blue, Green, Orange or Yellow. LED-Bulbs are not assembled in the HoodSkulls®. We test them before they ship. LED-Bulbs ship connected to 8 inch long +/- wires. 

    • Please test the polarity of the wiring to your battery (colors of wiring may be reversed, so bulbs won’t turn on). 
    • LED-Ready HoodSkulls® do not include LED bulbs or wires. Adding LED's is a DIY mod project that requires semi-advanced skills. 'LED-Ready' does not mean 'plug-and-play'. If you need installation instructions beyond what we posted on our FAQ page, you should not get the LED-Ready version of HoodSkulls®. We don't provide tech support for LED bulbs or their installation. All HoodSkulls® can have LED's installed. However, LED-Ready have built in channels for your wiring, with a clean exit for those wires. Just add your wires and LED 'eyes' (pre-wired 12v, 5mm LED) then connect to relays under your hood and a switch in your cabin. No drilling is required with our LED-Ready HoodSkulls®. Remember to seal gaps around your installed bulbs, and consult your DOT laws about vehicle lighting. Please note that before you install your bulbs, there will be holes in the eye sockets. Please visit our FAQ page and refer to the wiring pictorial links. The installation is generally simple, but diagnosing and repairing a short circuit in your Jeep can be expensive and complicated. Hire a mechanic or electrician. 

JL/JT Fitment Set:

This hardware fits into the circular depression on the cowl area of a new Jeep (2018+). The JL/JT fitment kit includes longer bolts, thicker/taller rubber gaskets. We include additional rubber gaskets to compensate for slight variations in the cowl. Simply adjust the number of (included) rubber gaskets until the base of your HoodSkulls® are flush with the cowl. Please visit our FAQ page and refer to the picture of an expanded JL/JT fitment. 

  • When you place your order, please leave a note/comment that identifies the size of the HoodSkulls® that you intend to bolt. If you don't know the size, you can leave your order number and name of the store you purchased them from. 
  • If you install HoodSkulls® anywhere other than the cowl area of a new Jeep with depressions, you do not need the JL/JT fitment. You do not need this fitment on any other vehicle, whether from Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, Ford, Chevrolet, Ram, Nissan, General Motors, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Land Rover, Subaru, etc. (but you will need a hole to bolt through).
  • We ship HoodSkulls® assembled with washers and lock nuts, neither of which is necessary on the cowl of a Jeep. Below is an illustration of the assembly on 58mm Classic HoodSkulls® that are not LED-Ready. The configuration of gaskets on an LED-Ready pair of HoodSkulls® or another design might be slightly different, but the concept would be the same.


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Works as it should. 4out5 only because I would like to see the wire a little bigger.