“Badass!”. “USA Made”. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Paint Your HoodSkulls®

We manufacture in materials that can be easily painted. Your HoodSkulls® are delivered badass and naked, ready for your imagination.


Thank you Hoodskulls! 💀 The Skulls I purchased were delivered quickly and installation was simple! The second day I had them on my Jeep, a guy offered to buy them from me! I had to turn him down but I gave him the website! He said he had never seen anything like em'! Thanks again Hoodskulls team! They are a great addition/upgrade to my rig! Rocking the "Hoodskulls" in the mit!

Gene Vasquez, Michigan

Great company and product. I made a mistake on my initial order and they were able to fix it for me. No muss no fuss. Outside of a terrific product, the Hoodskulls, I couldn’t brag more on their customer service! Along with my shipping notification, I also got an email from the management of TristateTeen. Wonderful product. Wonderful customer service and timely shipping at a great cost. My Jeep is now the envy of the other local Jeeps because I have Hoodskulls ☠️

Fred Busbin, Georgia

Amazing little mod that completely changes the look of my hood. Every jeep needs a pair.

Emma Green, Australia

Tristate Teen/HoodSkulls is the absolute reason why you should deal with an owner operator business. From start to finish I was included in the process and made to feel like I was not just buying a product but making an investment into one of my favorite things... My Jeep. These were and are a simple yet effective modification that anyone can do in a matter of minutes. you can go from ho-hum to kick butt in a blink of an eye. Thanks HoodSkulls for all the help and I am proud to call you a jeep brother!

Michael Michau, South Carolina

Purchased this as a gift for my hubby who absolutely loves his Jeep. Before I purchased I had tons of questions since I know nothing about jeeps and the customer service is astounding. They helped me with my questions and even gave suggestions! And needless to say the hubby has officially named this valentines gift as as the greatest ever !! Thank you!

Mariana Franco, Pennsylvania