Frequently Asked Questions

I Want To Attach HoodSkulls® To A Non-Jeep Vehicle Or Thing. Can I?

Absolutely. If there is a hole in something, you can attach HoodSkulls® to it. However, HoodSkulls® should not be attached to your body and do not belong inside your body. Anywhere. Under any circumstance. (Yes, our legal advisor is having as much fun as we are). HoodSkulls® were designed originally for easy installation on the hood of a Jeep, even the power dome hood. Our fans recognized a great thing and expanded their installations to bumpers, brackets, other hoods and truck beds, even a walker for an army vet and the top of gym equipment. Fans have bolted HoodSkulls® to the modified hoods of their Dodge and Chevy trucks. We’re now working on a HoodSkulls® fitment for the new Ford Bronco®. We serve badassery to everyone who wants to join our party. If you need a universal hood bracket, the team at our companion web store has links. Click here. Let us know when you place your order that you will be using a universal hood bracket so we can send the correct length bolts.

Are HoodSkulls® Sold Individually 💀 Or In Pairs 💀💀?

Please check the listing of the item you are interested in, but most HoodSkulls® are currently sold in pairs. When you complete your order of HoodSkulls® that are “sold in pairs”, you will receive a *pair* of HoodSkulls®. 💀💀

Will HoodSkulls® Really Make My Jeep Sexier?

A topless Jeep with a pair of HoodSkulls® is something special to look at and drive. That is our opinion and hope that you agree.

Do HoodSkulls® Pose A Choking Hazard?

If you stick our HoodSkulls® down your throat, you will choke. Please do not.

Must I Use A Lubricant When Bolting My HoodSkulls®?

Stainless steel bolts have their own protective oxide film to prevent corrosion and are especially prone to galling. Galling is caused by metal-to-metal friction that creates heat, which can cause stainless steel fasteners to seize (i.e. lock). You must use a lubricant to avoid galling, and should tighten the stainless steel bolt SLOWLY. Please follow these directions and tighten slowly after lubricating the bolts. If you experience any loosening of the bolt, use a drop of (blue) liquid threadlocker.

Can HoodSkulls® Be Stolen Off A Hood?

We provide a lock nut for the underside of your hood. If the hood isn’t locked, anything could be stolen, from battery and switch relays to superchargers, cold air intakes and HoodSkulls®. Auxiliary lights, winches and spare tires are stolen every day, not to mention the vehicle itself or radios inside. An NRA decal won't discourage a determined would-be thief, nor will a uniformed police officer nowadays. If you are installing on the cowl of your new (2018+) Jeep and are concerned about theft, you could consider relocating the lock nut that we ship with to beneath the OEM nut, without threadlock. Please note that the OEM nut is welded on. 

What Are LED-Ready HoodSkulls®?

This is an option to add. We don't include the LED's or wires (but we do sell them separately and they’re simple to insert into our designs). We design, manufacture and deliver badass HoodSkulls® with bolting hardware, not lighting or electrical hardware. Adding LED's is a DIY project. "LED-Ready" does not mean 'plug-and-play'. If you need installation suggestions beyond what we posted on the FAQ page, you should not get the LED-Ready version of HoodSkulls®. We don't provide tech support for LED bulbs or their installation. LED-Ready HoodSkulls® are intended to be a platform for our semi-advanced DIY fans only. Click HERE to see LED's installed in classic HoodSkulls®. Select models are LED-Ready and have built in channels for your wiring, with a clean exit for those wires. Just add your wires and LED 'eyes', then connect to relays under your hood and a switch in your cabin. No drilling is required with our LED-Ready HoodSkulls®. There are so many options with LED colors and switches, our DIY fans are having a party with all of the choices. Remember to seal gaps around your installed bulbs, and consult your DOT laws about vehicle lighting. Remember to verify the polarity of prewired bulbs (black and red are sometimes reversed). Please note that before you install your bulbs, there will be holes in the eye sockets. The installation is generally simple, but diagnosing and repairing a short circuit in your rig can be expensive and complicated. Hire a mechanic or electrician. Click HERE for DIY wiring suggestions, and a disclaimer. Click HERE for wiring pictures beneath the JK hood. Click HERE for pictures beneath the JL/JT hood and cowl(s). Click HERE to see the suggested configuration of supplied rubber gaskets on an LED-Ready design. Certain models like our Hero line of LED-Ready HoodSkulls® are designed with eye 'plugs' by default (you'll see the designation on the drop down menu). This is a design element to give you the time to work your way up to an LED installation, at your leisure. The 'plugs' are 1.5mm thin and can be easily drilled (5/32 bit) through, giving you full access to concealed internal channels for your wires. They are LED-Ready when you are. Click HERE to watch a how-to video on plug removal. If you want to add this additional design element to your LED-Ready HoodSkulls®, place your order through our custom shop. We cannot add the design element after we process and begin manufacturing your order. 


Can You Tell Me More About LED-Ready HoodSkulls®?

LED bulbs draw so little power, yet live large and long. The wires should be completely insulated from the elements in a good installation, and the gaskets will prevent water penetration. The gauge of the wires is perfect for these LED bulbs. They are not intended to produce big light, but badass accents of light. Our LED-Ready designs are intended to permit you to change LED's if you want, not because you have to. When we installed our LED-Ready set on our 2015 JKUWW, we used silicone to seal the eye sockets from water or debris, and strongly recommend that you do. Fishing the wires through their channels can be frustrating, especially on designs for 2+ LED bulbs, so we recommend that you snake a thin ball chain (gravity is your friend) into the wire channel to start your wiring. Click here for a short demonstration video on ball chain threading


Should The Bolts Completely Fill The Hoodbump Holes On A Jeep Wrangler®?

No. Our products are installed universally in OEM and aftermarket hoods spanning generations of Jeep Wranglers®. After product testing and 4+ years of sales, the bolt size has proven to be perfect. When you tighten the locknut, the friction from the rubber gaskets / washers will hold the HoodSkulls® in place. Everyone installs them the exact same way. If there is any movement after installation, you need only slightly tighten the locknut. Some fans like to run LED wires down the same hole, so we leave some room. 


Do We Ship Internationally?

Yes, we just added Australia, Canada, Denmark, Dubai, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and many others to our shipping destinations. EVERY Jeep deserves a set of HoodSkulls® and it would be horrible of us to deprive them. Jeeps around the world are joining our party. ☠🔥👊🏻🌍

Would Attaching HoodSkulls® To A Hood Be Cruel To The HoodSkulls®?

No. HoodSkulls® love eating bugs and getting muddy. They won’t mind at all.

After I Install HoodSkulls®, Will I Look At My Jeep More Frequently As I Walk Away?

Difficult to believe, but yes you will. It may be because you know your HoodSkulls® are staring at you, or because you notice slight changes in their color (depending on the weather, especially cold).

It Is Hot As Hell Where I Live. Can I Attach HoodSkulls®?

Yes, but you should check them periodically to ensure they remain tightly bolted. The body of HoodSkulls® is plastic, built around stainless steel bolting hardware. The HoodSkulls® will love the heat, but we want to make sure they don’t escape from where you want them to stay. 

Do We Make HoodSkulls® In Other Styles, Shapes And Themes?

Yes. There is a process to place custom ordersWe have several badass options available now in our store to select from which are less expensive. Please consider those first. (TristateTeen, Inc. has not yet secured licensing to manufacture HoodSkulls® in Star Wars themes, and our team will not infringe on those intellectual property rights. We are huge fans and would love to make it happen, but it must be done properly. The more popular HoodSkulls® get, the easier we will be able to secure licensing. Help us grow and let Lucasfilm know what you want also). 

How Do I Install My HoodSkulls®?

Removal of the boring, OEM Jeep Wrangler JKU hood bumper is simple. The bolting of our HoodSkulls® to a JK or JL is even easier. Our design team listened to hard core Jeepers, so if you ever lower your windshield to fly like an old school pilot, pop your OEM rubber bumps back on while your HoodSkulls® take a rest in your glove box along with the removed windshield bolts. Don't rest your heavy windshield on your HoodSkulls® without padding and glass insurance. ☠🔥👊🏻😎

Are HoodSkulls® Made In The USA?

Yes! TristateTeen, Inc. is a family business that is located in New York and manufactures HoodSkulls® on the South Shore of Long Island. 

If There Is A Sale On One Item In A Collection, Is Every Item On Sale?

The word "sale" next to a collection does not mean that the entire collection is on sale. Instead, it means that we lowered the price on something within the collection, perhaps not the specific item that you want. In the screenshot above, it says "sale" above the decal collection, but only the 4x4 transparent decal is on sale. That is the way the theme for our online store is coded and appears. Our internet team is doing an amazing job with the tools that we have. Using a combination of drop down menus to make a selection is the best way for us to offer multiple designs and variations on one page. Our system works for most visitors to our store. We apologize if it confuses you. Before you send an angry email, just consider that we enjoy working with our fans. Our fans are badasses who are supportive of us. They extend the benefit of doubt. They appreciate our products, but also what we're doing to pay it forward. We'll go the extra two miles for our fans. Act like a fan and let us know that you were excited to buy something for the sale price and hope that we can extend it anyhow, even though it's not required of us. Once you make it clear that you've already formed a misbelief that we've done something wrong, our best intentions will never be good enough. We want to work with you, and never want to regret it. Please don't make it difficult.

What Material Is The Metal Bolting Hardware?

We ship with stainless steel hardware. We previously shipped with black stainless steel bolts, but were unimpressed with them over time. We did not want our customers to deal with that disappointment. Our metal washers and locknuts are also plain stainless steel. Gaskets are premium, automotive quality rubber. If you purchased a pair of HoodSkulls® and the head of your black bolt has turned a rust color, please let us know so that we can 'make it right'. Our team is here for you.

What Happened To Our Resin Coating Option?

A small group of our customers reported flaking or discoloration of the resin after continuous exposure to highway speed winds and other elements. Since HoodSkulls® are intended to be badass, not a pain in the ass, we decided to discontinue the resin customization option. Unless otherwise stated, items are sold matte and without finish, yet remain both badass and beautiful. If you bought a pair with resin coating, please be mindful that all of our HoodSkulls® are hand crafted and resin is applied by hand/brush. With exposure to elements, resin can strip off, so please be game to reapply paint or invest minor touch-up later. If you have a problem with the resin, please let us know so we can work with you to make things right. We are grateful to our awesome fan and customer base for your feedback and suggestions. Cheers!

What Is The "B" On The Back of the Hero22® HoodSkulls® Helmet?

One answer is that a portion of our Hero22® HoodSkulls® sales continue to raise money for Jon’s Mission for 22, and to bring awareness to PTSD among too many of our military veterans. Jon’s last name was/is Busbin. Another answer is that we all have some “B” in us, and that’s something to celebrate. We cater to Badasses around the world thanks to our awesome fans and friends, so we try to pay it forward by supporting their outstanding causes. Everyone wins. The “B” applies to everyone. If you see a "B" on your Hero22® HoodSkulls®, you're a good badass. Enjoy it!

What Is "JL/JT" Fitment Hardware?

The cowl on a Jeep JL (new 2018+) has circular depressions for bolts. If you install HoodSkulls® anywhere other than the cowl area of a new Jeep, you do not need this fitment hardware. Orders are processed by default without the JL fitment. IMPORTANT! If you are installing your HoodSkulls® on the cowl of a new Jeep (2018+) you do need to add this fitment. Simply adjust the number of (included) rubber gaskets until the base of your HoodSkulls® are flush with the cowl. Installation is simple! Click here for your JL/JT fitment kit!  

Can I Paint My HoodSkulls®?

Yes! In fact, we manufacture in materials that can be easily painted so you can add your artistic touch. We have found that acrylic paints work best. Painting is not necessary but would add your personality and give even more durability to your HoodSkulls®. Mud baths and snow also provide protection, so be sure to apply mud or snow liberally when available! 

What Are The Dimensions Of HoodSkulls®?

They are perfectly sized, but we know you want specifics. Measurements are in ‘mm’, from base to top of bolt. The approximate size of each model is listed on the product page and/or description as well. 


If I Put Two HoodSkulls® In A Small Closed Box, Will They Procreate?

Some confusion was caused when our marketing campaign posted an irreverent ad on social media. It was not intended to confuse anyone about the likelihood of free product generation or the actual sexual prowess of HoodSkulls®. We did not intend to mislead anyone. In actuality, our products cannot reproduce, fornicate, regenerate, procreate, replicate or otherwise self-multiply. If you are having any difficulty making sense of our marketing material, we are here to help! 

Do HoodSkulls® Really Make The World A Better Place?

It’s a well known scientific fact that staring at a sexy set of HoodSkulls® will improve your mood and outlook on life. Addressing first our fans who genuinely want to know what we’re up to. We designate a portion of our capital towards 'paying it forward'. Each member of our team has at least one community cause to support with donations, raffles and general awareness. When you see our name or logo on event banners, sniff the air. Smell that? It’s called badass. On second thought, don’t sniff the air, just know that we designate a portion of our resources to give something special back. Now to address a small group of haters who threaten to steal from us or want to see us fail: What’s wrong with you?! Enjoy watching us innovate and grow, or please just move out of our way. For every 1 of you who complains that we charge too much, there are 100 customers who wonder why we charge so little. We run a business which means we cover expenses and liabilities; equipment, boxes, tape, postage, taxes, production problems, decals, research/filing fees for intellectual property, utilities, website and shop development, Amazon/Shopify/Etsy fees, attorneys, stainless steel bolting hardware, raw materials, marketing, storage, design and product recalls, etc. There is also the value of our time to design, manufacture, communicate, pack, coordinate, test, etc. Be proud that we are part of your Jeep family, manufacture in the USA and support great causes. Read about how our family business started. There is a real family behind this business, with junior members who are learning invaluable lessons. In short, yes we are making the world a better place and will continue to.

What Is This I Hear About Geotagged / Geocaching HoodSkulls®?!

Shhhhh. It's true, that is our plan. We posted about it once. Once. We will not post about it again. At least not in an obvious way. 🤐 Grown up hide and seek for Jeepers. Fans + Sales = Our commitment to keep serving you with badass on a silver platter. 🤘🏻💀💀🤘🏻Thank you for helping us grow. 

Will I Be Able to Fully Open the Hood After Installing 58mm HoodSkulls® On The Cowl?

58mm skull will fit, even if installed at the front of your cowl. Designs that extend further forward might require installation at the back of your cowl or elsewhere. Please consider the clearance area around your installation site before ordering. 

Do LED-Ready HoodSkulls® And Snorkels Play Well Together?

They work together well and look badass in the process. Pictured is the Rugged Ridge® AmFib snorkel system, both low and high mount configurations. 


Can Everyone Agree On The Best Material To Use For Jeep Accessories?

There is debate whether steel or aluminum is better for wheels and bumpers. Heck, people debate whether to install a CB antenna in the front or back, avoid the look of a ‘mall crawler’, whether a Jeep wave is necessary, or whether cold air intakes and snorkels improve performance. We bring to market badass products that are equal parts art and aftermarket accessory. Some materials can be easily painted, others cannot, and we know that our customers like to further customize. We therefore manufacture with plastics that can be easily painted, and provide an internal structural design that could survive the workshop of a weekend warrior (i.e. LED installation, etc). We then incorporate stainless steel bolting hardware into our HoodSkulls®. With time and continuous exposure to UV light, wind, snow, hail, pebbles, mud, bugs and/or cleaning agents, there might be some color fading of plastic, especially with light colors. There might even be some damage, irrespective of the material that we use. We prefer and continue our full migration to ASA (acrylic styrene acrylonitrile, widely used in the automotive industry). If you then need a pristine set of HoodSkulls®, you could paint them or buy a new pair. Below are representative samples after one year of real world usage with exposure to UV and road debris. They all still look badass and they’re still tough as Hell. We continue to explore materials for production. Our full conversion to injection molding remains on hold until we find a way to offset the cost of expensive molds and still be able to customize. We respect that people have opinions, but expect that they will respect the opinion that we formulated after research, extensive product testing, design improvements, customer feedback and real world testing. 

Note: In some cases, the discoloration and scratches on the OEM hoodwarts are more noticeable. The choice remains:

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