COVID-19 Projects


We donated these to first responders and encourage others to do the same. Thank you in advance. We are publicly sharing our file on this design, but we do not authorize anyone to manufacture them for sale. Be a good badass, not jackass. Apologies if the candid language is offensive, but the message needs to be clear. Our customers and the visitors to this store span six countries. We're in this together, let's act that way. When you use our design, please send us a picture of it and let us know how it was put to use. 🙌

D3 - We redirected our equipment and resources for this first production run and donation. The batch was donated, then there was a shortage of plastic face shields.

D4 - We were asked by an emergency technician to design this headband to be compatible with plastic sheet protectors that are commonly found in homes. We added compatibility with hole patterns on European and North American face shields. Zip ties remain readily available and they obviate the need for typical failure points (i.e. protruding "hooks" to hold the face shield) during manufacturing. The file is in .stl format. 30% infill works well. PLA can be used. Completion in 90 minutes or less. See pictures below. DOWNLOAD FILE HERE