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Welcome to our custom shop where you can customize the color, size and other aspects of your HoodSkulls®; add initials, patterns, colored stripes, 'eye plugs' on LED-Ready designs, request a different size or an entirely new creation. Read more about these options on our FAQ page. You will also find pre-release designs here, and can own the first pair! In addition to bragging rights, early adopters of new designs tend to be rewarded with prizes and social media features. That's how we roll. 🤘🏼 Keep in mind that we manufacture with materials that can be easily painted, so you can further customize your HoodSkulls®. The badassery continues after unboxing. 

Complete your custom order here AFTER reaching out to our team and coordinating all the details of your order; color, engraving, size, etc. The link to contact us is in the header or menu above (depending on browser). 

Our team will render a design of the concept for your approval and create a listing of the items for you to order. Within typically 5 business days of your payment, a badass pair of custom HoodSkulls®️ is shipped to the sexy beast in your driveway. 😎

The cost of a custom order typically ranges between $74.99 and $179.99 (USD) depending on design time, size and extent of testing required. We have several badass options available in our store to select from which may be less expensive. Whatever you decide, your order will be covered by our Price Match Guarantee (read our Terms of Service), and backed by 5 Star customer support. Coupon codes do not typically apply to custom orders. Free badass decal included.


Personalization can only be added at the time you place your order, and cannot be changed after. 


Please keep in mind that we don’t design replicas of specific pets or relatives. There are too many nuances in ears, nose, etc. We would not be able to get the exact look without placing your pet or relative on a scanner, which we wouldn’t do. Nor do we manufacture things that are structurally fragile, like long animal necks, wings, propellers, etc. 


Um, no as a general rule. Please visit our FAQ page for general guidelines about the intended uses of HoodSkulls®. 😈


      • IMPORTANT! If you are installing your HoodSkulls® on the cowl of a new (2018+) Jeep, you need our JL/JT fitment kit. You do not need the fitment kit on any other vehicle, whether from Toyota, Honda , Mercedes, Ford, Chevrolet, Ram, Nissan, General Motors, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Land Rover, Subaru, Hummer, etc. (but you will need a hole to bolt through).
      • HoodSkulls® ship with stainless steel (silver) bolts, and each ships with rubber gaskets to protect the surrounding paint and seal gaps. Stainless steel washers and locknuts are included. 
      • Removal of the boring, OEM Jeep hood bump is simple. The bolting of our HoodSkulls® is just as easy. Our design team listened to hard core Jeepers, so if you ever lower your windshield to fly like an old school pilot, your HoodSkulls® can rest in your glove box along with the removed windshield bolts. ☠️🔥👊🏻😎 
    • Don't rest your heavy windshield on your HoodSkulls® without padding and glass insurance. Our latest versions of HoodSkulls® incorporate a revised, bolt-through installation process that is simultaneously compatible with old and new Jeeps.
    • Please note that a 4mm (or 5mm depending on your order) hex key and 10mm deep socket will be required for installation. Only the hex key is required for installation on a cowl.  
    • If you take your HoodSkulls® through a carwash with heavy mats beating on them, you may damage small details like horns or tiara. Please select a model that best matches your lifestyle, there’s one for everyone! Evaluate for yourself whether and where to install them on your Jeep, or decide to ultimately keep them on your desk.


    LED-READY: LED-Ready HoodSkulls® do not include LED bulbs or wires. Adding LED's is a DIY mod project that requires semi-advanced skills. 'LED-Ready' does not mean 'plug-and-play'. If you need installation instructions beyond what we posted on our FAQ page, you should not get the LED-Ready version of HoodSkulls®. We don't provide tech support for LED bulbs or their installation. All HoodSkulls® can have LED's installed. However, LED-Ready have built in channels for your wiring, with a clean exit for those wires. Just add your wires and LED 'eyes' (pre-wired 12V, 5mm LED) then connect to relays under your hood and a switch in your cabin. No drilling is required with our LED-Ready HoodSkulls®. There are so many options with LED colors and switches, our DIY fans are having a party with all of the choices. We sell LED-Bulb kits if you need them. Remember to seal gaps around your installed bulbs, and consult your DOT laws about vehicle lighting. Also remember to verify the polarity of your prewired bulbs (black and red are sometimes reversed). Please note that before you install your bulbs, there will be holes in the eye sockets. Please visit our FAQ page and refer to the wiring pictorial links. The installation is generally simple, but diagnosing and repairing a short circuit in your Jeep can be expensive and complicated. Hire a mechanic or electrician. 

    SHIPPING AND HANDLING: Shipping is free on domestic orders, not international orders. Production time is typically one week if we don’t have your order in stock. 

    INTERNATIONAL ORDERS, CUSTOMS AND IMPORT TAXES: Customers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. We are not responsible for delays due to customs, but the wait will be worth it. HoodSkulls® will make your rig grin.

    ADDITIONAL SOURCES OF INFORMATION: Please visit the FAQ section for warranty, material, general information and a smile.

    PRODUCTION SCHEDULE: We will spend time to design a prototype and media for your approval. If there is any delay in your approval, our team will process the other custom orders that arrive. Your project may then be delayed. Custom orders come in every day, some simple and others complicated. We understand that you have family and work responsibilities, but we ask that when we spend the time to bring your dream to reality (often before you even place your order), that you please get back to us promptly. 

    Please read our Terms of Service and Legal Disclaimer. We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with any other company. All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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